Questionnaire Results

We asked you about your experiences of noise levels and well-being in the city of Manchester

here are some of the results so far... 

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please give us your main three concerns about noise levels…

welfare of people and animals (mental & physical health, communication, pollution, toxicity), imbalance between systems (technical, mechanical, human, animal, plant), disturbances to biorhythms and natural cycles.

noise levels seem to increase and get louder. eg sirens get louder as surrounding noise gets louder. 

It adds to stress, it makes social interaction difficult and it drowns out more pleasant noise like birdsong, the wind, the sound of rain

Noise of car engines at night, loudness of music at events, background 'hum'.

1)exacerbates complex ptsd, 2)feels inconduicive to well being 3)makes one feel hopeless and helpless

please give us some examples of how noise levels affect your mental health….

When I lived in the Redbricks at the end of Princess Parkway I was bounded on two sides by busy roads. I didn't notice until I left how much stress it caused having constant noise. As soon as I left, I felt more relaxed and as if I had more internal space

It's constant. When I go somewhere out of the city where there is no noise I feel lighter and cleaner

Sometimes feel overwhelmed, as if there's no escape

exacerbates my complex ptsd by the deeply hideous feeling of whole body being totally flooded with very unpleasant and damaging chemicals and hormones triggered by sudden very loud sirens,drills,road rage drivers,alarms..

please give us an example of how noise levels affect your quality of life

I notice it more that when I am functioning in a relatively tranquil environment I feel relaxed and less tense and I can enjoy my activities more, so it is more that my quality of life improves as sound levels soften. (2)

Noise makes me anxious

Sirens at night. Traffic noise at night. Affects my sleep.

Low level stress, never quite able to switch off

must do because you really notice when it's not there- like when the volano in iceland grounded all the flights for a few days - the whole sky was so peaceful and quiet and it was relaxing to sit outside.

If so, please give examples:

A bad mood can be made worse and stress and anxiety increase. Sometimes makes you feel helpless

At home, I find that as neighbours 'don't' hear my household, they have no indication that 'their' household is a noise problem, so they seem to dismiss me. The landlord is not bothered.

"rush hour" traffic in inner city exhibits assertive/aggressive behaviour = threatening = promotes anxiety, increases stress levels - fight or flight response?

 People revving engines is the worst as I have no choice. Why can't they switch it off if they're waiting? I think some have adapted boy racer engines so there's a lower vibration.

Which places do you avoid:

Town Centre

Events with loud music.

Main Roads

Busy bars and restaurants

always avoid main roads on my cycle routes

all major traffic routes avoided as routine

City centre when I know it'll be packed, busy shops, busy main roads.

Goodness, I have always avoided 'rush hour' and its 'behaviours'. So, bus stations, some main roads

Public transport

Do you know of any tranquil places that you might visit for peace and quiet?

Marie Louise Gardens, Portico Gallery, Whitworth Art Gallery, my own garden, the allotment, Birchfields Park early in the morning, the Bistro cafe at the University 

southern cemetary, prestwich clough