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Winter Sky-gazing

There is something so symbolic about seeing bare trees against wintry skies. Maybe there is a low sun or a silvery moon, maybe a bird is silhouetted against the sky. One person said to me last week that there is just so much sky to see when the leaves are not filling the space. Its true. There is something very evocative about the play of light at this time of year.

When we think about nature and mental health, we often think about the colour green because plants are mostly green, it is the colour of life and in parks, gardens, forests and fields green is the main colour we see. Another colour we relate to nature is blue, the blue of the sky, the blue of water in oceans and lakes and streams reflecting that sky. But when we look at this time year we realise the sky is full of many colours. Last week the sky in Manchester suddenly turned purple. I have never seen anything like that before. But is it just because through this work I am noticing more?

Here are some images of December Manchester skies:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Jane Gilberston Bare trees against blue sky, Anne W sun through bare branches, Rae Story sun in mist, Rae Story, purple skies, Jane Gilbert sun through trees.

And here are some photos from a walk in Marie Louise Garden with Roger Howard from Pool Arts. We were both struck by the beautiful mackerel clouds against what Roger said was a true cobalt blue sky....

Images, Left Roger Howard, Right Rae Story

I was struck by the movement of the clouds against the vast still sky, I love these 'slow' images, they put me in a meditative frame of mind. Don't forget everyone sky-gazing is good for you! Next time you are out and about take some time to look skywards and open your mind.

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