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  • Amanda Farrar

The Power of Green #4

The Power of Green

Nature is all around us, therefore undoubtedly has an impact on the public. Whether it’s walking through a park on your way home from work or playing sports in a field, nature surrounds us in one way or another. Nature can take many different forms from large trees to small delicate flowers, from roots pushing up and tearing the pavement apart to plants producing food for the wildlife, nature is certainly a powerful thing.

Walking through Didsbury park I noticed I was among a lot of nature, large trees surrounding us and branches hanging down whilst the sun was beaming. I saw colourful delicate flowers, vegetable plots, animals carved into wood sculptures and benches, whilst children were playing with their families. Nature provides us with a beautiful environment to live and enjoy.

The Power of Green - Lockdown

When lockdown began, I dreaded the thought of staying indoors, though the sunny weather certainly helped. I spent most of my time in the garden with my family, whether we were painting the garden furniture, building a brick wall, creating a fairy garden, or having garden parties, our garden became our haven. My garden is a large open space, containing an array of flourishing flowers, a colourful fairy garden and patio furniture in the midst of large trees, bushes and shrubs protecting our garden and wildlife, whilst providing privacy.

My garden includes five saplings planted, a mix of hazel, rowan and silver birch as part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project. The project aims to tackle climate change as trees are one of the best ways to fight a changing climate, making new habitats for wildlife, protecting existing woodland, creating new natural spaces for people to enjoy and producing woods for future generations. The five saplings are currently planted in pots, being nurtured and watered until we can plant them in the ground.

I can smell the different fragrances of the flowers that change as often as the wind does, roses, peonies, lilies creating a floral scent, combined with the citrus and mint scent from other plants in the garden. My garden contains many sounds from the birds tweeting, the plants gently rustling in the wind, the quiet tinkling wind chimes to the louder sound of songs playing on the radio, merging a delightful mix of fragrance and sounds within the garden.

Lockdown is a strange situation to be in and the garden definitely helped us, providing us with an open space to keep busy or relax whilst keeping safe and having fun.

Images by Amanda Farrar

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