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Power of Green #1

The TLC Art Team have been doing some r+d over the summer and as part of one of our zoom workshops we asked people to write for 5 minutes on the Power of Green. These spontaneous writings then went on to form some inspiration for creating a proposal of future work. It has been a very exciting opportunity to work together in this way, and we wanted to share our spontaneous writing with you - and also encourage you to write under that heading too.

When you do this activity, you literally put your pen to paper and you write whatever comes to mind, even if it appears to have nothing to do with the title! If you are supposed to be writing about the Power of Green and you suddenly remember some socks that need darning, that is fine - put it down!

This type of writing helps us to access a deeper level of knowing about the subject we are exploring and new things emerge, as well as connections and relationships between things that we didn't know existed. It is an exciting exercise and you can use it for whatever topic you like. It can be deeply personal too, and not always something you want to share, which is also fine.

Images by Alison Kershaw

The Power of Green

Green, so many greens, so many shades. 

So much light coming through; looking up.

Light coming through leaves, drifting down.

bottom of the tree, height. fields

Horizontal and vertical space


green water, flowing, river banks, sand,birds.

Noise afar - a motorway, a road, a siren, ice cream van

Walls, skies, chimneys go come again away

People - connection - man made gardens - plants of green - house plants

light coming in

shadows, weeds soil dirt worms stones


seeds, opening seeds


plants, vegetables, shops, food, eat


camp - fire, water, earth air

spinning, falling leaves bare branches 

swimming falling flying sewing


green power - energy

sounds and movement the slightest the smallest little tiny movement 


universe connection, products

Stars Suns - Cells body pain, illness

holding on. Swimming again through 

fields and wind

Ice cream man at the park, racists 

at the park, sat with my Mum protecting her

from the racists in the park.


feeding ducks

Nostalgia, romance


Alison 21/7/20

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