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  • Lima Al-iskalachi

One Woman's Protest

RS: - While the rest of us eagerly awaited the governments plans for the covid restrictions over Christmas Lima Al-iskalachi was focusing her energies elsewhere, here she describes her activity to raise awareness about press freedom and why she chose trees as her allies in doing so.

Lima Al-iskalachi:

I believe Julian Assange the founder of wikileaks has been tortured for acts of service to our world and its inhabitants.

This case will also set precedence for a society that is not in accordance to our freedom or democracy. Freedom of speech is the mother of a free society. Free press, protection of human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and whistleblowers is what protect us from criminality and insight into public interest. I lived as a child under Saddam Hussein's regime and I know too well the implications of suppression which is enabled through media control .

I decorated the tress. It was an idea first thought of by Julian's mother. It is something that sparked my interest straight away for it's empowering simplicity and beauty, you only need yourself and imagination.

I love trees, I find solace and my spiritual connection with All through their help . Life to me is a web of connections and interactions. Wikileaks has saved much of our nature through stopping the wrong doing of greedy corporate giants companies destruction and abuse of our natural resources and our world. Julian Asange provided evidence from whistleblowers (free of charge) to be used by indigenous people in a courts of law. He helped many of these cases win when otherwise it would have been impossible. So the trees are helping me in this too because the case of Julian effects them too.

Decorating trees was not my initial plan. Originally I thought about having a Christmas choir - which then narrowed to street performance of two people, which then dropped to one then dropped to none! And I was left with myself! But I remembered a south American healer talking of how they revered spiders - when one walked by his ceremony and made her web from her body. She taught us that all that we need is within us .

Decorating the trees is something I can do on my own, so that is what I did, maybe better even than my initial plan. I was very nervous and really I did not want to go through it especially on my own. I didn't know if I was allowed to decorate the trees but I felt I had to.

It was amazing that I was given the thumbs up by the police who came over and he became an interested listener as well as members of public to the plight of wiki-leak's founder and what this case means to us all .

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