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New research project about walking / art and Covid recovery

Friend of TLC Art Project - and instigator of the popular Loiterers' Resistance Movement in Manchester, Dr Morag Rose has brought to our attention this interesting University research project called Walking Publics / Walking Arts. Please follow the link and if you would like to take part in the research "exploring the potential of the arts to sustain, encourage and more equitably support walking during and recovering from a pandemic." Simply follow the links to the questionnaires and read more about their project.

Thanks Morag for allowing us to share this with our followers.

The photograph by Alison Kershaw above shows a recent walking and drawing "Park Life" session, with Pool Arts at Platt Fields Park, Manchester during one of the last cherry blossom days this year

Alison Kershaw

Walking Publics / Walking Arts walking, wellbeing and community during COVID-19

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