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  • Emily Hayes

Moon Hunting and Ice Bubbles

I have been going for walks with my toddler in the early evenings to look for the moon. While the sun has been setting early it has been good to get wrapped up and go for wintery walks. My toddler is a bit moon obsessed and regularly looks for where it is in the sky at night. The city moon walks have involved finding out which roads have the best moon viewing spots. While on the walks we have come across other people who have been doing the same thing!

Ending the walks with counting the stars and saying goodbye and good night to moon. This has been a lovely part of the darker part of the year when it can feel a bit like being trapped inside

With the frosty mornings we have been going into the garden to look at the lovely patterns that the ice has made. Also, trying out bubbles on frosty grass, the cold means they stay for a long time and eventually freeze.

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