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  • Naomi Kendrick

MAG a Quiet Space in the City Centre

We had a nice time at the gallery yesterday for the last of these workshops, looking at the exhibition 'Out of the Crate - Investigating the Sculpture Collection at Manchester Art Gallery'

We began with a Mindful chocolate/raisin eating exercise, to settle us into the session but also to begin the process of noticing a 3d object or sculpture. After looking around the exhibition I introduced a drawing through touch activity in which everyone felt an object inside of a bag and without looking, drew whatever they wanted to whilst continuing to feel the object. We then had a break, followed by more time to explore/draw in the exhibition and ended on showing each other our favourite sculptures in the collection. Part of the exhibition is to promote the idea of investigating the sculptures, some of which the gallery knows very little about, so we had fun googling various sculptures, particularly of people, to find out more about them.

Between November 2021 and January 2022 Naomi Kendrick invited members of TLC Art Project to join her in exploring different exhibitions while the gallery was closed to the public. This was a real treat for people to have all this space to themselves and with Naomi's expertise to be guided around the works of art and explore them in depth. Many thanks to Naomi and Manchester Art Gallery for this wonderful opportunity.

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