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  • Nigel Wood

Latest from TLC Poetry Group

Nutsford Vale

Mr Riding

springtime daffs bulbs

green grass a cherry tree an apple tree

a plum tree

summertime green grass more birds singing

frogs at play odd foxes

crows & gulls & magpies

autumn leaves change colour

New England in the fall

cloudy weather & gales

winter cold & snow

& sleet & wind

everything dying

3 Poems

James Robert Isherwood


Spinning its own silk

Pouncing on unexpecting prey

Ingenious survivor

Dashing out rashly

Eating out elegantly

Racing about casually



Raging temper



Obscured in the shadows

Near its hoard of gold



Elegantly displaying antlers

Elaborately prancing

Rallying round the does

Memories of Moston

Paul B

Litter strewn in every corner

Foul language regularly used

White scallies gathered in huddles

Smell of tobacco & weed combined

Cars burning

with wheels still turning

Scrumpy cider takes out the fear

‘John Dixon is after you’ is what I hear

Fucking hell, acid is mad

Everybody tripping except my dad

Does anyone work? I think not.

Let’s have a party & get totally wrecked

Have some fun

Keep on shining like the sun

The only one I trust

Our kid is a good lad

What We Left Behind


A lick of soothing chocolate ice cream

A splash of coolness of a happy stream

A whip of enchanting scent of dwarf lilies

A dash of bold redness of the poppies

The reassuring embrace of a loving mother

The encouraging nod of an able father

A quiet murmuring of a weeping willow

A spread of sparkling colours of the rainbow

A refreshing sip of a glass of lemonade

A scatter of dewdrops on a morning glade

What Diplomats Would Do


Interrogating each means and manner,

Negotiating with one another;

Tackling potential hostilities,

Eliminating animosities;

Ringing up mates when the moon comes along,

Conversing amongst themselves all night long;

Orating complex interconnections,

Unraveling intricate conditions;

Resolving collective safety crises,

Securing global power balances;

Elaborating possibilities –

Summing up what the diplomats would do.

Social Networks


Socialite or not, they want your data;

Online or offline, they crave for them all.

Connections make them invaluable –

Impulse users are most desirable:

Always checking for updates on the wall,

Losing out is not an option at all!

Nothing is ever too trivial to know,

Even the dews gleaning on the meadow;

Taking a photograph with every bite,

Wishing all to know their great appetite;

Occasional gems might be newsworthy,

Rarity means the prize could be classy;

Knowing what they can do with your info,

Surely you would be wise to be careful!

Snapshots of Fond Memories


The opening the hands of cloud grasping the peacock’s tail

Dry leaves the woods and meadows finding the oldest mulberry tree

The lenses the viewfinder mapping Manchester’s quiet spaces

Fresh air a spot of nature marking Manchester’s breathing spaces

The brushes an array of ink bottles collating a spread of smudge

Plant snippets

rubbing saps on linen weaving a tapestry of beauty

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