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  • Anastasia Hesketh

Encaustic Art inspired by Baguely Park

My twice daily walks in Baguley Park Wythenshawe, have been a constant way for me to keep well and mindful during the restrictions of the pandemic, and have been a source of inspiration for my art. I enjoy watching the changes in the trees there in the morning and evening light, and over the days, weeks and months of lockdown.

A friend had given me a small encaustic art kit, which had remained unused. One evening, following a walk in the park, I decided to have a go at using it to represent the colours, patterns and textures of the park and sky.

The exciting part is really having little control over the outcome. I was amazed at the organic forms that emerged. It's an art form I shall continue to explore.

As I understand it, Encaustic art is when wax is melted in what the Americans call a crock pot, (a slow cooker to us, I think!) and then applied to glossy my case, photographic paper which was included in my starter kit, and moved around the paper with a WARM iron. (I'd avoid the steam setting!). The joy of this technique for me was the necessity to let go of trying to achieve an anticipated outcome, or end result, and just 'play' with the colours. There were only 5 chunky wax sticks in the kit, so I added more colours using chunky children's wax crayons. I loved it, and am going to attempt combining this technique with others, to create a mixed media piece, which is my favourite medium.

All artwork by Anastasia Hesketh

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