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Anne W's Atlas of Everyday Objects

Coming home after a short break away was lovely - back to so many things that have sustained me over the last strange months. I was reminded of previous posts on the Blog of “everyday things” and drawings and pictures of 9 things which made lockdown a little bit easier. I thought I’d share a mixture of pics and sketches representing 9 of the things that have helped me through  the last few months.

These included exploring green spaces in Chorlton meadows with Dolly the Dog which gave me a place to be close to nature and to really take time to see it; listening to music, singing and playing my guitar much more; taking time to practice my qigong and having a go at capturing some of these things in photos and drawings. Drawing definitely created a stillness  where I could focus on these things. For example, trying to draw the hands in the positions from the '8 Pillar Stance' Qigong set helped me think about what each position was teaching me - and that really helped me when I came to do the practice.

I did have a bit of guidance from a book teaching pen and ink techniques for the wren and the bamboo and although there were challenges in all of this I learnt it doesn’t really matter if the drawings are not perfect - just like it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a solo voice for singing - I just enjoyed doing it!

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