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  • Diane Russell

Reflections from Diane

Diane is our drop-in Project Manager at TLC:

I have spoken to many of our participants over the last few weeks on the telephone and some of you through email. It has been lovely to speak to you and to find out what you have been doing to fill your time.

I know many of you have gardens which you have enjoyed; simply sitting with the warm sun on your shoulders or being a little more active and growing plants.

As I have said to many of you I am a keen gardener; I am very lucky to have a large garden with a greenhouse and raised beds so have been growing many types of fruit and vegetables from seed. I have tomatoes, peppers, chillies, potatoes, beetroot and herbs. We have already enjoyed lettuce with our meals and I pick a variety of herbs for my meals every day. I find pottering in the garden helps me to relax and loose myself in the moment.

The sound of the Blackbirds, Jackdaws, Blue tits and Wood Pigeons bring joy at this time.

Do you enjoy gardening or simply walking through your local park or green space? Why not take a photograph of your favourite flower or plant and email to us here at TLC ( if you can—we would love to feature your photographs or words in future newsletters.

I hope you enjoy these photographs from my garden.

I am missing you and hopefully will see you soon, Diane

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