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Another Day...

This was one contribution from our recent Mail Art Postcard Project, which we wanted to share as a blog post because it was so ambitious and beautifully executed:

On one day in March as corona virus spread through Spain my dream of celebrating the end of my 50s in Valencia at the biggest fireworks festival on the planet ended, and Spain went into Lockdown.

On another day in March the sun came out and Johnson announced the U.K. was in Lockdown. I felt absolutely no personal fear. I thought “this will be a doddle after 2 challenging years of losing my job, and Alison surviving cancer”. On a sunny day in April I celebrated my 60th birthday and due to Alison’s beautiful preparations and organisation and the weather I knew that I was happy.

On another day in April, Alison was informed that chemotherapy treatment would resume. This came as a terrible shock and I felt unhappy, angry and scared. Now lockdown felt hard and hideous. On a day in mid May Alison had her first chemo session.

On another day in May video footage of policemen murdering George Floyd was viewed all over the globe and ignited uprisings and Black Lives Matters demonstrations and marches and gatherings. On an early June day Alison had her hair shaved off and I kept a handful of it in a wooden bowl.

On another day in June Alison had her 2nd chemo session, and yet another day in June our great nephew “Teddy” was born completely and perfectly beautiful. All of these days all over the planet people breathing... some breathing in the Virus, some breathing their last breath and some their first breath, and on it goes.

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