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Today I received a link to this, and I wanted to share it.

It is a song written by Maddy and performed by herself and Ato Erzan-Essien, you can see and hear the song by clicking on the image or link below:

Just so powerful to see how art, music, dance, song, writing can help us to express our deeper feelings in a different way to regular chatting and thinking, when we try to make what we feel communicable to to others we have to work hard to reach deep inside us to find the ways to express what we feel and what we want to say. The process is both healing and transformative as well as inspirational to others. The words that we use also go on to have a life of their own. This is a true gift.

Thank you so much to Maddy and Ato Erzan -Essien for sharing this beautiful song with us.

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