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No Mow May

We LOVE this :

even the concept of being given permission to be busy-doing-nothing is so lovely to hear!

And lots of interesting links to jump off too - I need to sit down with a cuppa and delve into the The Insect Apocalypse... thanks for sharing these Severine!

And we love your print too! Just gorgeous.

In my own garden, I have to admit I do quite like a tidy short lawn... it kind of helps to offset the wildness and the weediness of my borders... Without the lawn being short it does all begin to be a jungle. Which apparently it might need to be for the benefit of the wider species right now. So this year we decided not to mow in April when the weather was hot because we had long-tailed tits nesting in our hedge beside the lawn we thought it would disturb the babys and the three co-parenting adults, so we left it. They fledged at the beginning of May and now their spiderweb spun feather nest is lying empty and they are off embarking on their life journeys. So then it was time to cut the lawn, but then we heard about No Mow May... added together with a general reluctance to spoil the peace with noisy machines we have left the lawn to the insects for now... one nice side benefit is that each morning you can see where the hedgehog has been as it has trampled down the grass!

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