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The Natural Health Service

We love the idea of a different type of NHS - a NATURAL health service - Isabel Hardman who is a journalist has published a book called The Natural Health Service: What the Great Outdoors can Do for your Mind.

After experiencing PTSD she found herself in a very dark place, but her psychiatrist as well as prescribing the usual medicines also suggested that she got herself up and out everyday to spend some time in nature. She claims that it was the “great outdoors which made me want to keep living”.

She stresses that she is not suggesting that the great outdoors can replace medicine, or can cure one completely but she is insistent that nature and green spaces have a role to play in healing.

There has been lots of media courage about this book in recent weeks, you can read about this and another book recommending nature-based therapies here.

The book also introduces us to the great concept of


The Key To Living A Happy Life In Norway.

Photo by Naomi Kendrick

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