Alison's Atlas of Everyday Objects

May 1, 2020

My collection of recipes! 

Helping us to be focussed about shopping and plan our weekly menus 


My triangle and a family photo. I lean out of the window to join in the applause for health workers - instead is clapping I play a samba rhythm on my triangle 


My garden and somewhere to sit


My soap - I like it so much and don’t want it to run out - it smells of coconut and patchouli 


Books - trying to read not scroll and researching some art ideas

Daily check on temperature


Radio - such an immediate communicator that you can listen to anywhere - found myself in tears listening to some of the late night phone ins.


Apricot kernel massage oil for massaging my tummy and spectacles cleaner so I can see properly. 


My rucksack that I take to the Christie - it contains all my notes and essentials for my day - earphones, appointment cards, tissues, things to read and pens etc 





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