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I love how things come 'together' for these blog posts

yesterday in my email inbox I had this joyful image from Lucy C

as well as this article from the guardian by Tobias Jones that someone had sent to me:

After coronavirus, the penny has dropped that wellbeing isn't individual but social

and within that article I followed a link to a brilliant essay by Hala Alyan in Emergence Magazine :

This is not a rehearsal

both of these articles are pretty dense and need space and time to read, they cover a lot of different topics and it is a lot to digest. I read both of these last evening, but plan to go back to them in the near future with a pen and note book because there are references, links, ideas and opinions in here that I want to record and consider in light of my own understanding. I take my time with these sorts of articles so that I can really process what the person is saying and try to grasp the meaning. There is nothing wrong with reading part of it and revisiting. Or reading and re-reading, in fact I think it is helpful. But at first reading,

I felt like both of these articles were saying something about our inherent

inter-connectivity. It seems that somehow, being apart makes us all appreciate the meaning and importance of being together - beautifully illustrated by Lucy.

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