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Garden Joy

We know that not everyone has a garden. (And for those who don't, public parks are the public gardens. Surely there is an argument to say that during these trying times it is those people in flats and without gardens who should be given priority to these public spaces?)

But for those that do, gardens seem to have taken on a whole new appreciation in recent weeks. With it being Spring (at least in the northern hemisphere) we are blessed with the spring blossoms, bulbs and new shoots which are often seen as signs of hope, new beginnings and generally joyful signs of life.

Here are some of what is flowering in Clare's garden right now:

And here are some images of Phil's homely garden - a really homely outdoor space:

And here are some of what is flowering in my own garden, some planted by human hand and some by other creatures!

Thanks to Elizabeth Hammond (a trustee for TLC for over ten years), sent us a photo of her pot of spring flowers to share:

If you have any images of your garden to share please send them to us at

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