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Drawing Together

My friend is doing the shopping for us at the moment.

I asked him to get some daffodils, which seemed like such a non-essential item at the time. But they have proved to bring so much joy this week. Unlike the common daffodil they are really orange-centered but as the week went on the yellow drained from the petals until they were almost transparent, which contrasted more with the hot orange centers.

I see David Hockney is encouraging us all to draw more and has been releasing his beautiful iPad paintings from Normandy France and encouragin us all to use some of our spare time for drawing.

So I decided to draw my daffodils as it is a friend's birthday today and I can send my drawing as an e-mail card, here is my drawing, my muse this week:

Are you doing any drawings of nature to help you pass the time, engage with the seasons, settle your anxiety? Please do send in any drawings or paintings and we will add to the blog....

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