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Nature Resilience Images

Two weeks ago today we set out on our first Ardwick Art Walk.

It was the end of Storm Ciara and we were swept along, hailed on, chilled to the bone, yet our resilient walkers remained focused on the task at hand - noticing and recording the different ways that nature survives and even thrives in the urban environment.

And here are some of those images:

Thanks to Brian for his photos which partly document the walk and show us in action and part record the nature resilience through his own eyes - Brian appreciated the naked tree shapes silhoutted against the skies where we can really see their shape and structure before the leaves come and cover them all up again:

Thanks to Bernie who noticed how the new growth and green shoots were emerging through the decaying leaves from Autumn, birth and death is part of the cycle of life and renewal:

Thanks to Richard who had a real eye for the close up detail, things that we might just rush by normally and not take the time or the interest to stop and investigate. These organic shapes, colours, textures and patterns emerge from the city pavements and railings - the natural world is emerging if we didn't poison the weeds and chop down the tree you can imagine that quickly the nature could swallow the city and regain control...

Still more to come, watch this space for photographs from Amanda and Andy...

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