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Pink Light for Valentines

Light changes everything.

In photography the same subject can look completely different in different lights.

When we set ourselves a brief to photograph something or somewhere, or someone we sometimes have to be very patient to wait for the circumstances to come together to create the image we want. Other times we have to catch the moment as the light falls in a particular way.

A few weeks ago the Plum Blossom started to come out in my garden. In the early morning I saw the garden fill with a glorious pink light as the sun rose and the horizon behind filled with dramatic shades. I sipped my tea and looked out as the garden transformed and the plum blossom appeared luminescent. I just enjoyed the moment.

Later I wished I had taken my camera and captured this effect. But sometimes you are in the moment, and sometimes you want to capture the moment to share. And sometimes you are just too sleepy to figure out where our camera is and whether or not the batteries are charged...

This morning I was ready! I got up and made tea and as the light started to change outside I noticed the pink light filling the sky again. The plum blossom is nearly over for another year so I decided this was my chance to capture and share this unusual combination of light and pink blossoms. After the art walk on Tuesday I knew my camera batteries were still holding some charge, so I quickly got my camera and put on hat and scarf and coat over my pyjamas and headed out into the garden. The tiny plum blossoms now fully open at the end of their short season bathed in the pink morning light,

The light changed quickly, and within a short time the moment had passed. It is now a beautiful sunny, cold spring morning, if you didn't see it you would never know. So I hope these photos share the beauty that I witnessed, nearly over for another year.

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