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Ardwick Art Walk 1

Today was our first Ardwick Art Walk - on Photography led by Rae.

Despite the last gusts and hail of Storm Ciara a small group of us still stepped out on our first walking activity.

Heading out from the new drop-in at Church of Nazarene we walked down Plymouth Grove looking our for signs of the power of plants to overcome the urban environment. We didn't have to go far. There was green plant life everywhere - in the cracks in the pavements, in the dying trunks of cut down trees, in the weeds establishing themselves against corners and low walls and then the spring bulbs pushing through strong and direct up to the sky at the same time that some of the holly bushes are offering up their fruits to the hungry birds.

The participants themselves deserved a medal for their own resilience. It was freezing cold and gusts of wind were howling out of nowhere. Despite these adverse conditions we put our best foot forward and there was not one complaint.

Everyone joyfully embraced the theme of the walk and immediately set about recording what they found on their cameras, phones and tables. Yuen passed us on his way back from working at the drop-in and couldn't believe we were still only a block away from the Church! Later Carol passed us in her car and we weren't much further along. There was inspiration everywhere.

In total we walked for just over two hours and we did 5,243 steps - which is half of the recommended daily amount. Luckily we had contacted Elizabeth Gaskell House which is roughly half way between the new drop-in and the art studio and they welcomed us in for a comfort break and a welcome warm before we set out again only to be met immediately with a hail storm we followed Andy who shouted "Quick - the Porch!!"

Whilst the group sheltered from the hailstorm, I couldn't resist ver=nturing out to capture the snow-drops in the hail storm:

From Elizabeth Gaskell's House we moved a bit ore quickly towards the art studio, but once again we were too inspired despite the weather and we all kept stopping to point things out to each other and take more photos. It was a wonderful afternoon out and Alison met us back at the studio with hot drinks and a well-earned piece of cake for all the walkers.

Watch this blog where we will posting more images from participants on this walk over the coming week.

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