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We had a fabulous workshop today with Clare and Rosie from RHS - Clare and Rosie are involved in the Brdigewater Garden in Salford which is very exciting. The garden opens in July this year - get a glimpse of what is to come here

As well as the Bridgewater Garden, Clare and Rosie are also part of the Ignition Project which is a multi-organisational project to find out what green spaces mean to us and how we can incorporate more green spaces in our urban planning and what benefits that might have for climate change resilience, well-being, mitigating pollution, creating recreational spaces and improving quality of life for residences - and much more!

This workshop got us thinking about what green spaces mean to us, what is important to us, what we consider green spaces and what we don't, how we feel in different spaces and what we might include in our ultimate green spaces.

Here are some images from today

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