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Ignition Workshop Tuesday 28th January 2-4pm at our new studio

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Rosie from RHS and Ignition Project to our new studio on 28th January.

Rosie will run a workshop from 2-4pm for participants of our TLC Art & Drop-in Projects.

The workshop will consist of interactive and creative activities and discussions: -

- Redesigning an existing greenspace to be climate resilient (we typically assess Piccadilly Gardens, however, we can look at another space of interest to the group)

- Examining the vocabulary used when talking about climate change and greenspaces through matching key words and definitions, and sorting images or greenspaces

- Debating the function of greenspaces in relation to climate change, wildlife and human health and wellbeing

The Ignition Project brings together 12 partners from Greater Manchester’s local government, universities, non- governmental organisations, and business. We aim to ad- dress the emergency caused by climate change. We are investigating how we can fund the delivery of more nature based projects that will help make us less vulnerable to climate change. They aim to achieve a 10% increase in our city’s coverage of plants and trees by 2038.

You can take part in the Ignition Survey here and begin to have your voice heard:

Click here to begin Survey

The results of the survey and workshop will help Ignition understand how we value Greater Manchester’s parks, woodlands and other greenspaces. They will use this information to determine how they will invest in improving and increasing our greenspaces, and establish the business case for making these investments.

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