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  • Emily Hayes

Final Mark Making with Thread

We finished our final session with Making Marks with Threads, it has been wonderful to see the diversity of people’s approaches to using thread, with some wanting to ‘follow the rules’ and others ‘making new stitches’. A member of the group said he felt ‘embroidery is like meditation’; once everyone had built enough confidence in sewing the room did feel calm and content with many silences as people concentrated.

It has been a pleasure to run 4 sessions using stitch and the Hapa Zome printing technique as part of the Breathing Spaces project.

Stitch has been used in every walk of life across the world but through industrialisation we have lost touch with the creative side of the products that we use and therefore we miss out on slowing down to make them.

Traditional folk embroidery often meant coming together as a group to sew, and for me the Breathing Spaces project echoed this; coming together to talk, share skills and create.

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