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Sewing Space

We were all amazed by the work that Andy had done on his Hapa Zome print - the green man was emerging from the plant prints this work in progress is just stunning to behold! Well done Andy - you are such a inspiration to us all!! - "This is a beautifully delicate piece that shows off the love of stitch from a long time embroiderer" - Emily Hayes

We ran our third Making Marks with Thread with Emily Hayes at Elizabeth Gaskell's House, here we are arriving at the grand entrance:

We had a chance to share our dried Hapa Zome prints from the last session. Now that they were dry we could take off any leaves left on (rubbing with a coin), leaving the final image.

Everyone composed ideas for embroidery to either enhance the prints or bring a new element to the piece such as writing. One person embroidered “no stress”; they also said how learning embroidery had been good for ‘calming my mind’ whilst creating this piece.

For some people this was their first session and their first time using threads, they created sample pieces practicing new stitches. Once everyone was sewing time went quickly as people focused on making, people commented on the stitch making being ‘relaxing’, ‘a way to switch the mind off’ and ‘that making this was great but best done socially in a group’. Elizabeth Gaskell’s house was the perfect setting, with the house closed to the public it was a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This was a fantastic session. The work that people are creating is fascinating. Here are some examples of what is emerging:

This is what two people told us:

"I wasn't going to come, but then I decided a break from the office (the home office!), so I dived in the shower and made it my priority to come. I'm glad I did, its just so good for you to do something quiet and creative, it makes you feel calm. I love it" Bernadette O'hanrahan

"I thoroughly enjoyed today's workshop. Loved the sense of creative freedom it gave me.

I was also quite proud with my work . I did not feel restricted and was not so inhibited which gave me a sense that all will be well - hence I was free to experiment and basically explore more. This then allowed me to have fun with it .Thank you for making today possible!


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