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Launching BS Poetry Anthology

Last night we launched our latest Poetry Anthology: Breathing Spaces at Longsight Library With over 21 contributors, this book is a little gem celebrating and sharing the beautiful poems created in Nige Wood's inspiring poetry classes earlier this year.

The book is available to buy online as is the previous anthology produced as part of the Quiet Spaces Project (2017-18). You can also see all of our catalogue here on our Publishing Page of Lulu

Longsight Library is our local library and a real joy to visit, they have a lot of different events and activities on here - including this Friday 11th October an event with Hafsah Aneela Bashir and Isaiah Hull rising poetry stars of our city.

You can find out more about what Hafsah Aneela Bashir and Isaiah Hull have been up to Longsight Library as part of Manchester Literature Festival here

Back to our Anthology! This book collects together poems written by local people sharing their experiences of different quiet/green/breathing spaces in the city and how they make us feel. The format of poetry has really opened up channels of expression to all of our participants and has been such a job to be part of. Below are some photos of the event, as well as some poems to wet your appetite, please support the project and buy a book.

Wayne :


Old trees I can see very clear,

Listening to different birds singing and nesting

down the years.

I can smell flowers sat under this old tree.

I am just a person, not a bumblebee,

feeling a breeze in the air!

But just sat here I don’t care.


Lots of places! Open spaces.

Birds in the sky flying high.

The taste of the sea upon my lips.

The honking of Canada geese

breaking up the sound of peace.

The warmth of the sun on my face.

Canada! I love this place.


Big Love

I love you

and I love you back.

About far, about near –

big love.

Feeling love in my heart

Seeing love in my friendships

Hearing love in music and in nature

Tasting with love, eating with old friends

Smelling love in the park, in the flowers and trees

The power of love, good love,

beautiful love –

love anything indeed,

love everything in need.



A bedroom is a sanctuary,

a place of relaxation,

where one can unleash


Viewing rural attraction

at the window pane,

trees, flowers, birds

echoing down the lane.

A bedroom is a place,

your own breathing space.

A calm area, where

poems can become.

A place

where relaxation

takes place.

In a bedroom

the world is your oyster!

Read, write, create

something extraordinary!

But don’t forget,

a bedroom is a


where the mind expresses itself.

So the content of a bedroom

reflects the content of personality.

Personality is unique,

subject to critique.

All of the following books are now available to borrow from Longsight Library :-

Even the volunteers and Rae had to read their poems out:

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