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What we have to say

Feedback from the group about our printing workshop with Emily Hayes

"I enjoyed doing this workshop - being with other people and working with flowers and plants and learning how to bang them onto fabric with mini logs! I liked being in the garden rather than being trapped in the house all day."

"I liked seeing all the colours"

"I am more creative than I used to think, this really boosts my self-esteem. Its not that I feel amazingly different to be honest, but I know that if i had stayed in the house all day I would feel very different to how I feel now."

"I did have to force myself to come out today, I find it difficult to be with people, it fills me with anxietry, but when I do I feel like I have achieved something, I've done it!"

"It's lifted my mood, I love doing anything in nature, being creative takes my mind off things, being in the garden with the plants is just so relaxing, and this is a really nice surprise - coming out for a meal with everyone - thank you!"

"I thought I would miss it, but then I ended up staying in Manchester, and my morning activity finished early so I was able to come. It was a surprise to do something different - I expected to be doing embroidery again. But I like to learn new tings. At the beginning I had a little reservation about doing things outside in tat environment. Doing artwork outside ia bit disordered and risks wanted/unwanted surprises... But once we got going and started improvising it was good - otherwise I wouldn't have stayed. And even the rain was quite good!"

"who'd have thought that textile based art would be such a delight to the senses? Both of these sessions have been fascinatingly aromatic - amazing!"

and a lovely photo from Emily of our work on the washing line with a few nappies!

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