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Paper Blogging

Just been doing some more research on Ruskin ahead of our final photography workshop at Elizabeth Gaskell's House next Tuesday (see What's On guide) when I came across this fab blog about photography, drawing and nature:

"Seeing and sketching, recording and writing are golden threads weaving together all my seasons"

Michelle Geffken

You will find lots of inspiration and links and ideas for journaling, deeper inquiry and appreciation of that natural world.

I contacted Michelle and she very kindly pointed us to this post that she thought we might be interested in about a local stone where she lives - by learning to look and pay closer attention as we do when we sketch and journal you learn new things about your local environment... What could we tell Michelle about Manchester stone - I imagine it would be about the clay soil and the red bricks that make our buildings glow against the blue skies but this is from my imagination. Imagination is different from looking, what we expect and what we actually find can be very different... I will keep my eyes open Michelle and report back - thanks - I love your beautiful Pudding Stone!

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