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  • Nige Wood

Walking Poems

A SIGN (For the poetry walkers)


We meet amongst breezeblocks and fumes,

the sustained roar of worn tyres

and the deep grind of twenty four hour lorries.

We turn our heads and loop up the cycle path,

past flowers beds, gratefully allowed to sleep off

a liquid lunch and within five transitional minutes,

man-made machines become background.

Wind begins to race through trees, birds premiere

their newest music with guest soloists, fresh air

eventually give us a natural high.

Under darker, cooler green, we hold hands and form

a silent circle, always a challenge for active

city mouths. Insects dance a foxtrot on my forehead,

pond life, emptier with each warmer year, collects more

plastic and cans.

Suddenly, written in blood red,

is a sign posing the question we need to answer.

We adjust our circle and debate. I wake up.

A JOURNEY Brian Clewloe Down Stockport Road to Highfield Park to walk around, seeing people and dogs and people having takeaways and hearing sirens going past. Pressing the bell for the bus to stop and seeing maps and trees in the park and touching the bench and the tables and walking in the woods and smelling the flowers. HIGHFIELD PARK Les Bikes and babies in the park, crisscrossing pathways and routes to explore, sounds of water and more, echo of voices under the bridge, roots of trees digging under my feet. A GOOD DAY OUT Anonymous I see the buses and the cars and the green trees, listen to the music and the fire engine, smelling the petrol and car fumes and the air, feeling the touch of the bus seats, reading the newspaper, feeling stressed and feeling happy. FROM ST LUKE’S Paul B shops & exhaust fumes Lidl & restaurants mosque & traffic Salvation Army & church sound of the bus engine & people getting on cars & fences stressed out with it all too many people takeaways & sirens bus conductor & fences & kids playing HIGHFIELD PARK Paul B grass & flowers dogs & bumblebees cabbages & the pond bushes & trees rhubarb & ladybirds pine cones & ladybirds rustling in trees & birds singing people walking & kids playing Len’s humming & singing of opera content, normal & serene I feel like I’m meant to live in nature & not concrete IN THE PARK Wayne People like to go for a walk in the park and the dogs like the water. I like the flowers and trees, the kids playing and the pond. ********

I MISS HOME Angelica What will quench the thirst in me? Will food be the antidote or medicine? Appetite, oh appetite! Woman!! Ripe fried plantain and beans stew are on the list: Yes!!! Wow! My salivary glands are on duty, secreting profusely. Within minutes I was at the 192 bus stop. Two 192 buses appeared, the first one drove right past for I raised my hand too late. The second arrived, hurrah, I was on bus 192 to Longsight shopping centre. Hurrah, joy, joy, off we went. I bought my ripe plantain and a few ingredients and home we came Within half an hour fried plantain and its friends were ready for eating. May God bless His provision.

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