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  • Yvonne

Looking closely, seeing more...

I got such a lot out of it [the mindful photography workshop at Elizabeth Gaskell Garden and Swinton Grove Park - part of the Ruskin Celebration project that TLC St Lukes are taking part in at Elizabeth Gaskell's House]. It was a really mindful, absorbing experience that gave me time to really focus on the details of what was around us and the wonders of nature, noticing things that I had seen before but not in the same way. I enjoyed learning about composition and angles, and different ways of using the camera to create images that expressed the feeling of the place. I am used to pointing and shooting to quickly capture things and then move on. And this was the opposite, with lots of time. I found it interesting that using the camera helped me to see more, and experience more, as I thought it could be a barrier to experiencing things in the real world. I found that it affects how I notice things still, and not just thinking ‘that would make a good photo ‘. And I can mentally go to the images and feelings, and spend time there in the memory, enjoying the peace and beauty.

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