Poems from Session VI

June 9, 2019

Here are the poems from the last poetry session at St Luke's for this project. We still have the walking poetry event coming up on Tuesday 2nd July if you would like to join us do get in touch.


Adele Fowles

The volcanic landscape of pinks and blacks
and black gritty beaches
and cacti and prickly pears
and the big open sky.

The crashing Atlantic ocean
and waves smashing rocks
and surging into caves, into everything,
exhilarating, exciting and endlessly full.

Garlicky squids and fishes and
salty little potatoes
and the taste of the freedom of space
and the surfers on the waves in their time.

and the feeling of rock underfoot
and the longing and longing
for only the belonging.


I want to feel like I did
aged 11, when I first set foot
on the cricket square’s scorched earth.

I want to touch the boundary
with both feet when I
catch the cherry.

I want to hear all
the appeals into the echoing


I want to smell the juicy steak I smelled
last summer through the kitchen window
of 24 Ellesmere Road.

I want to taste a summer salad
prepared by Sally from Middleton
in 1982.

To touch the earth.
To feel the summer wind.
To taste the cider.
To smell the trees’ bark.
To hear the highest bird’s call.


It’s daylight and
I can hear the sound
of the cow mooing and
the cock crowing.

I can smell the early
morning dew and see
the giraffes gyrating their way
down the catwalk
and the wildebeest
with muscles to die for.

I can taste the juicy oranges
waiting to be picked and I can
feel the awakening
magic of the rising sun.


Lots of places! Open spaces.
Birds in the sky flying high.
The taste of the sea upon my lips.
The honking of Canada geese
breaking up the sound of peace.
The warmth of the sun on my face.
Canada! I love this place.


Let’s go to Mersey Square
the to the Plaza –
smell the car fumes,
see the pubs,
see the buses,
see the rain,
smelling the café.
Feel the stone pavement.
Coffee taste.
Bit tense.

Luisha Grant

The scorching sun shining down upon the beach,
upon the sun bed I lay – to my mocktail I reached.
Fresh salads and fresh fish,
it was worth trying every dish!
Lively entertainment every night,
smashing plates from left to right.

Ice cold drinks, melting ice cream,
for a lover of hot weather – this is a dream!

In Greece at night the streets are alight!
Clubs and shops at every turn,
after dancing all night you will feel the burn!

In the Hotel Plaza – I checked in,
my holiday was about to begin!

Days and days sunbathing, not a care in the world.
Lots of drunken tourists – their all-inclusive meal
now all over the street, their food they hurled!

All in all my time in Greece was great,
and to Manchester Airport I returned at night – late!

Brian Clewloe

To see the flowers and to grow them
and to hear music from the City ground,
then put soil in the tubs and
water the flowers and see
people coming into the Grange.

Then smelling the grass and hearing birds
in the trees, happy doing it,
and growing vegetables and
hearing the wind in the sky
and having a cup of tea for my break,
then start growing stuff for soup and salads
and hearing sirens.


I love you
and I love you back.
About far, about near –
big love.

Feeling love in my heart
Seeing love in my friendships
Hearing love in music and in nature
Tasting with love, eating with old friends
Smelling love in the park, in the flowers and trees

The power of love, good love,
beautiful love –
love anything indeed,
love everything in need.



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