Poems from session IV

May 28, 2019

Carl Peploe

The sun sets in a big red ball
over Orford gas works.
All the drunks are feeling small.
So are all the jerks.

Next the moon rises,
full and like a globe.
Women come out in search of their cats
in their bright pink robes.

Over there, there is a noise –
someone’s coming to harm
in the direction of Densham Avenue.
It raises great alarm.

It’s another night: the stars are out
and the wind is cold,
the Orford yobs give you a clout
and make you feel so old.

Then I will walk home
and listen to Aiice Cooper
whilst old biddies drag their dogs
armed with a pooper scooper.


It could be 8.05, 12 noon or dusk.

The flow draws me bankside,
hugging the living water, as it
peaks and dives, driving the curve
of its middle-aged shape.

I’m lucky, I walk the
briefest road and there it is,
glistening, riding the obstacles,
pleasing itself like it was retired.

Beyond the far bank’s trees,
golfers talk in important voices,
dogs enjoy fouling every footpath,
their owners stop and talk
dog diets, waistcoats and
vetinary bills.


The university of life, love and laughter,
cheers, chill and chat,
energy and entertainment,
community and caring,
especially when I need to get ‘high’.

Akinyemi Oludele

confined microbes
driven by necessities
death and life
money and strife

broken beehives
sunken ships and kamikaze
death dives

falling from destiny
like a handful of sand
seeking a point
of freedom or death

Adele Fowles

What is the reason today to seek peace?
No reason, every reason.

Where? Where, where does peace live?
Here and there and without and within.

How will peace ever be mine,
be all of ours?

By never asking, never seeking.
Only by silencing,
              only by losing,
                            by forgetting these thoughts.

Brian Clewloe

I go to St Luke’s to see my friends
and do poems and draw pictures.
I come on Tuesday and Thursday
to sit and relax and talk to people.
I make a cup of tea for my friends,
then go home for my tea, and watch TV
and read the paper and a book.
Then I go to the Grange
to do gardening and water the plants
and flowers and plant vegetables.
Then I go to Back On Track
to do baking for the café.

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