Poems from Session III

May 21, 2019

Adele Fowles

Bring together       one 
crystal clear free-flowing river
with sandy banks, 
an overhanging willow tree 
and one small secluded beach. 

Discard any washed-up debris 
and switch to silent mode
(to ensure all bird song is heard).

Liberally scatter with 
                shards & flashes & sparks
      of brilliant bright light 
                healing herbs & rock salt.

Now allow time for deepest rest 
           For expansion
                        For nourishment 
                                        & growth.



Sprinkle stars on a bed of grass.

Add a row of tamarind trees.

Blend them with a touch of euphoria.

Mix with laughs and the sound of drums.

Garnish with dance, songs and storytelling.

Serve with rum and reggae.

Carl Peploe

The rat sat on the mat.
A cat was very fat.
The surface was so flat.
On it lay Auntie Pat.

She’d tripped over the cat
that got  hit with a bat 
as she looked at a load of tat 
on which everyone spat.

The vicar wore a hat. 
The he fell quite flat 
and got bitten by a gnat 
and he felt like a prat. 

Out came Lord John’s brat 
wearing a flat cap.
He wrote a load of pap 
and had no water in his tap

so he got a map 
and started to clap.
A rabbit sat in his lap 
having a nice nap.

Don’t fall into a trap
set by ol’ Tom Rapp. 
Your life will turn into crap 
and your nerves will snap.


Take the sound of birds at sunrise and sunset.
Add some rich green grass,
the fragrance of flowers
and a touch of breeze against my face.
Mix with the silence of nature.
Garnish with awareness of nature all round us.


Take a humble cricket club, 
add some sightscreens and  white boundary ropes, 
with a touch of dusty grey crease marks; 
mix with lager, naked appeals, 
daughters and wives, interval drinks 
and gossip and serve with pitta bread 
and juicy peppers on crystal trays. 
Fine chop the lawn, 
sweat off the outfield,
simmer at square leg,
rest at third man, 
then remove to the dressing room 
and rest until the sunlight fades,
then finally sprinkle the square 
for tomorrow’s English battle.

Brian Clewloe 

Take some butter and some eggs and flour.
Mix some oil and salt and 
blend with the butter.

Take some trees and grass and 
mix with water, chop and 
add some salt and blend them.

Add some blue sky and cats and
dogs and birds and sit in the park 
and walk round the flowers.

Go down to the water 
to go on the boat to see 
the people fishing 

Add some sugar to the bowl and 
some flowers, and mix in water
to make your cake.


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