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  • Nige Wood

Poetry Session I

All poems created in our Creative Writing Session 30/5/19 with Nige Wood (

St Luke's, Tuesdays 4-5pm)

CITY POEM Group poem by the whole class cars & dogs & traffic & breeze clocks & bells & music & sirens shouting & touching & grass & smoke & blossoms & fumes & birds & takeaway food LOCAL Len Out of the shower I try to reach the West Didsbury morning, the sun looks cool but almost burns me in the chaotic high street. Pam encourages me to look, really look at each flower, every bird that lands and trees that line each avenue. But as much as I gaze at flowers, birds and trees, I’m distracted by the bacon that sizzles out of number twenty six. TODAY Brian Clewloe I walked to the bus stop and there were police and ambulance sirens going past and cars’ fumes and the sun was out and I went to Back On Track to play guitar and had a break to have dinner and I came to St Luke’s to do art and pottery POEM Paul grass and workmen trees and birds large clock and sirens neighbours and cigarette smoke cats and dogs barking horses and kids playing cars and exhaust fumes traffic and blossoms POEM Bernadette O’Hanrahan bin men and cats meowing and rubbing against me porridge and banana stroking friend’s cat and rubbing my aching hand flowers and trees music and banging running my fingers through my hair and grooming it the scent of my perfume and suncream on my face neighbours and cars neighbours saying hello and parking my boots and trainers I’m changing soap powder and conditioner – Lenor HOME Carl Peploe I wish I were a jelly on a plate then I wouldn’t have to live on Halliwell Road. Kenneth Halliwell was the boyfriend of Joe Orton, who got his face smashed in with a hammer. Halliwell Road is shit. It’s like being on a mountain. It just gets me down. I’d rather go to Rome and see a fountain. I wish I’d have stayed in Orford, even though its full of yobs who shout at you so with their great big gobs. At least I was noticed there. I’ll bet they’ve not forgot me even though I’m far away over the stormy Manchester sea. ARDWICK AFTERNOON Group poem by the whole class sun on cars kids playing amongst flowers wind over blossoms cars and buses dogs weeing against trees

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