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Have you had your daily dose? Try Ardwick Green

Just been reading some of the many research articles about the health benefits of green and quiet spaces. This article sets it all out pretty well and recommends that we need a 'daily dose of neighbourhood nature'. Have you had yours today?

I recommend getting off the bus a stop or two early to explore some of the city's great green spaces when you are out and about. Today I got off the 192 a couple of stops early to walk through Ardwick Green and see the cherry blossom. It was so worth it. The blossoms are just open and fresh and beautiful against the deep blue sky that we had today. A real treat.

As well as the beautiful blossoms I also saw a lovely covering of a blue bulb that head is grape like - from a distance they look like bluebells, I am not sure of the name. Then there was a covering of heather coloured flowers in the grass over by the far entrance towards the Apollo, I have never seen these ground cover flowers before but they were pretty and surely will attract bees. I also saw the Magnolia trees - all new to the park in full bloom. I had forgotten the families of Thrushes that I noticed last year had taken up residence in the park. It is heartening to see this bird again in several numbers so close to the city centre.

I can't recommend it enough. Take a sandwich and sit on a bench, go for a stroll, take a camera or some sketching materials, the buildings around there are fascinating and whilst you are right beside a busy main road somehow you are immersed in a different place. Its uncanny.

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