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What makes a Breathing Space?

Painting by Camilla Luff

As part of our Breathing Spaces Project we are interested in what makes a Breathing Space?

How do we decide if somewhere is or isn't a Breathing Space?

When I saw this painting I thought as beautifully minimal as it is, it does contain some of my personal criteria for a Breathing Space - that is 1) the presence of trees/plants, and 2) Open Space. Here in the painting there is a clearing in the woods, in the path where the people walk there is space around them, containing them. When I walk outside I like to be able to see both trees and sky, a vista of the changing skyscape reminds me of the ever-shifting nature of all things and helps me to gain a fresh perspective on whatever is in my mind at that time. Here in the painting the two figures are very much together, but not touching. The ability to be together and apart gives us a sense of companionship and sharing that nurtures ourselves. Sometimes it is good to be alone, but sometimes spending time with a dear friend can lift our heart and nourish us deeply.

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