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Slap Dash Book Club Launch

Today Dominique Tessier launched our first Slap Dash Book Club.

This was an opportunity for people to come and spend some time exploring our book collection. People gathered and browsed the books they felt drawn to and then swapped books amongst each other as well as writing comments and reflections that will form part of the reviews that we are asking people to write for our website:

It was a very moving experience to see how deeply the books and their content were touching people, there was laughter and tears and lots of sharing. There were spontaneous readings and even the creation of new poems during the session. Finally, at the end there was cake! Thanks to David for a beautiful carrot cake which went down well!

"It is incredible the impact that Slap Dash books had on the members of the book club today - this was the first time they experienced the books, they were really impressed and even astonished by the work of their peers. Today demonstrated that the philosophy of participation, TLC and the collective - works"

Dominique Tessier

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