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Searching for Snow Drops

A little walk from St Luke's we discovered some snow drops in little clusters on the banks of grass at Swinton Grove Park. The park originally belonged to the house where Elizabeth Gaskell lived.

Everyone loved getting out into the fresh air and spend some time looking closely at these beautiful little flowers. As we worked drawing, sketching, photographing we noticed things about the structure of the flower that we had never seen before - like the long hoods that arch over the flower stem that seem to protect the flower and must at some point open enough for the bell-like flower to drop down to reveal its special shape. Can you see this structure in any of our images below?

"what a great day we have had, it was really peaceful going to the park and doing the drawings outside"

"I had a lovely time, I feel much better for it"

"Swinton grove is definitely a breathing space - I came and sat here last week when I missed my appointment, I sat crying because I had spent all that money on my taxi and still missed it"

"Such a shame about the rubbish"

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