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Nature's Calendar

Nature's clock is ticking, at this time of year the sun rises earlier and earlier each day, the birds are pairing up and getting more vocal, the first flowers are emerging and we know it is Spring.

But is Spring springing earlier? According to data collected by the Woodland Trust signs of Spring 2019 began in November 2018! With sightings of Snow Drops in November and butterflies and bumblebees spotted over Christmas. It is unclear if these are just small one-off events or whether there is really a trend of Spring coming earlier so the Woodland Trust are encouraging more people to get involved and help track the effect of weather and climate change on the natural world.

You can find out more about it here:

Meanwhile, we are going for our own survey of Snow Drops in our local park Swinton Grove Park today - meet at St Luke's at 4pm if you would like to join us.

Snow Drop Drifts in Birchfields Park, 17th Feb 2019

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