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Waking up to Snow

Waking up to a garden transformed into a winter forest scene I took some time to explore the garden with my camera, the Plum Blossom is doing its amazing thing, I took these photos later in the day when the heavy snow had melted a bit to reveal the luminous pink petals in the otherwise monochrome setting.

After exploring the garden with its overhanging trees and bushes I felt the need to be in a more open landscape, to see the snow covered ground with the equally thick white sky, so decided to hop on the tram and go to Cornbrook station to have a little wander on Pomona Island. My partner in creative crime couldn't make it so I set out alone. Along the way I saw these stunning catkins:

Pomona never fails to delight.

If you don't know about Pomona, I really recommend a trip along the Canal from Castlefield unto you reach some steps by a colourfully graffitied wall and going up there you come out by Cornbrook Station but there you can also walk down onto Pomona Island. We covered Pomona and its amazing history and potential in our blog last year: Pomona Island | Memories of Pomona | The Pom | Lost Gardens

Here are some photos of Pomona in the snow, as I arrived the island was shrouded in mist which gradually lifted. There are currently a large flock of Fieldfares overwintering on Pomona.

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