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  • Guest Blog: Selma

finding sanctuary through detachment

Summer begins and my phone is stolen... How am I ever going to make the most out of the warm days? meet people? make arrangements? navigate without google maps? stay connected?


…why but a few days was all it took to function differently.

The spoken word became most powerful… an arrangement was just that- no changing no swapping.

There was time!

Time to read not scan news feeds. It was just like the old days- unreachable until you got home and answered the wired telephone.

Once I was out, there was no looking down at a glow but looking up… at the glow of a blue summer sky, bird spotting, old buildings, roof tops, bridges. There was no touch screen but the feeling of leaves and fruit while foraging. There was no plastic to my ear but the sound of birds, nature, people and traffic.

…Boredom! …why is it negative?

It forced me to cycle and walk through endless loops, canals and quiet roads. become interested in industrial architecture of Manchester, find sanctuary and sense ambience within streets, ponds, and benches.

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