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Three New Books

As part of our celebration event at Elizabeth Gaskell's house on the 26th June, Slap-Dash Publishing launched three new books published during our MMQS project.

Slap-Dash Publishing is our in-house community publishing project that has been running since 2005 and in which we have worked alongisde local artists and authors to help people produce the books that they want to make using print on demand technology and Adobe Creative Suites for design and layout.

In this small collection of very different publications, we bring to you a fabulous poetry anthology of poems created by participants during the MMQS 2017-2018 project alongside the walks, talks and other activities, a book of Manchester street photographs by Dominique Tessier called Rent Book, and a colourful, vibrant collection of paintings of monsters from the Universal Monster Movies by James Isherwood.

All our books can be purchased online at our Lulu page:

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