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Open Skies | Blue Spaces

As we walked to Ardwick Green a few weeks ago to enjoy the cherry blossoms we noticed how great it is when buildings are knocked down and temporarily there is a fleeting view of open sky. A window to the infinite.

At the moment you can experience this phenomena opposite the Apollo on Stockport Rd, on the corner of Hathersage Road and Upper Brook Street (former Gaskell Campus of MMU), and the corner of Oxford Rd and Cavendish Street (former Capitol Theatre) and another on the Oxford Road (former BBC).

We are not a coastal city, and we don't have many open sky spaces left (visit Pomona Island while you can) so while we can offer MCR residents GREEN SPACES for their enjoyment and health we don't have many BLUE SPACES on offer. I propose that we consider these inadvertent OPEN SKY SPACES in the same vein.

When you find one of these gaps in the skyline, pause for a moment, look up, notice how you feel...

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