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Ardwick Green Revisited

How fleeting are the blossoms and seasons changing...

On the first of May we walked down to Ardwick Green to see the cherry blossom (see our previous blog post and featured partnerhsip workshop:

It was cold and windy but beautiful to see the blossoms in their full bloom, everyone felt uplifted and enthused by our walk.

One week later on the 8th of May most of the blossoms had fallen into a carpet beneath the trees, it was windy and wet and people voted not to walk out in the rain, luckily I captured the carpet enroute to work:

Yesterday was two weeks since the blossom glory of May 1st and there was hardly any cherry blossoms to be seen, but the white and red hawthorns were out, and other May blossoms lining the avenues.

There is a large community of thrushes thriving in ARdwick Green, spotted over the last three weeks in the trees and pulling worms from the grass, including this young bird - not sure if these are Song or Mistle Thrushes - any idea? Email us on

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