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International Dawn Chorus Day Event at Parrs Wood Environmental Centre

"This global event began in 1984 when wildlife enthusiast and local broadcaster Chris Baines, decided to celebrate his birthday by inviting friends and family to listen to wildlife wake up with him at Moseley Bog. The event grew and was promoted by the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, where Chris Baines was Vice-President. The annual event now takes place on the first Sunday of May and hundreds of events are organised around the world." Now people across the globe gather on the same day each year to listen to the wildlife in their own environments wake up and start their day.

Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces partnered with Parrs Wood Environmental Centre today to offer a small group from the project a unique dawn chorus event in the natural auditorium of a ring of laurel trees. We met in the car park at about 2.30am, armed with deck chairs and blankets there was a surreal atmosphere as one by one everyone arrived in the middle of the night. Right there in the car park there was a robin sinking it's heart out as if it was the middle of the afternoon, but apart from that there was an eerie quiet and the darkness impressed upon us the specialness of this occasion.

The complete immersion within the 360 degree choral 'performance' was a surprising and uplifting experience. Everyone who attended left with a very special experience and memory of their first morning paying attention to this special event that happens every day in Spring and Summer and to a lesser extent in Autumn and Winter. To find out more about nature and sound I strongly recommend getting hold of a copy of The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places by Bernie Kraus it is awesome!

You can see more pictures and listen to Parrs Wood Environmental Centre's incredible unique symphony here

Here is a small selection of images, more to follow...

We aren't the only people celebrating International Dawn Chorus Day!

City of Trees joined with the RSPB and Halle Orchestra in Chorlton Water Park.

Next weekend there is a National Trust Dawn Chorus Walk (price £12.50) at Lyme Cheshire

Further afield there are 48 registered International Dawn Chorus Day Events nationwide

AND You can still hear the recordings of Nightingales tonight on Radio 3 Slow Radion 0.30-3.30am

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