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Dawn Chorus

This Sunday is the first Sunday in May, in recent years this has been the date for International Dawn Chorus Day

As part of Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces we have organised a Dawn Chorus event this Sunday 6th May, so watch this space for reports of what we get up to!

Many people aren't able to get up and join us at such a time on a Sunday morning - so one option is to set an alarm for about 4am and get up, open your bedroom window and then go back to bed and from the comfort and warmth of your own bed you can hear your very own unique Dawn Chorus !

RTE Radio 1 will broadcasting recordings of the Dawn Chorus from midnight to 7am on Sunday 6th May from across Europe and beyond:

Another option, is to switch on Radio 3 in the early hours of Monday 7th May we can hear recordings of musicians playing nocturnal music in Sussex woods with the nightingales, who gather there to sing at night each Spring, this will be aired from 0.30-3.30am on Monday Morning.

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