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  • Psychogeographers: Lakisha, Katy

Psychogeography at MMU

We walk from the bus stop at All Saints park through our old university accommodation towards the Brooks building. Usually just a normal walk we take to our lectures, but now a walk that creates a sense of nostalgia in us all.

The path we take highlights past memories from our first year, reminding us of interesting stories, the first time we met and how we have grown to be where we are now. We walk this path and share the stories of nights out and moving away, weaving between the past and the hope for our future.

Laughing and reminiscing, listening to the new freshers chatting away in their halls experiencing what we did only a year before. Eventually we arrive where it all started, at the Brooks building; more specifically the front bench outside of it. Amongst the busy traffic of students the bench where we first met, a small but significant detail in a place so large. A quiet place for us all and one of sentimental value.

A combination of emotions is the overall feeling, a mixed sense of self; one we acknowledge and one we move forward from.

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