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Memories of Pomona

Image by Rae Story: Pomona Island towards MCR city

Thanks to Artist James Bloomfield for sharing his own memories of walking on Pomona:

"I love Pomona, I used to live in Ordsall just on the other side and I would walk my dog Eddie over the bridge and along the canal there twice a day. It was one of the places I think that kept me sane and allowed me to work in the city, some of my happiest memories with Eddie were on that stretch of land and some of my best Art ideas came whilst walking there. There are wonderful plants and flowers and each square metre of ground is fascinating, I used to take photographs looking square on and planned to do some paintings from them. There are ornamental carp in the canal there too and I've regularly seen Kingfishers and cormorants and the odd goose attacking passing joggers!!"

check out Way Down to Pomona oral histories, maps, images and songs:

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